By Natalia Batista 

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By Josh Gorfain and Yuki Saeki



By Jet Svärd and Jimmy Olsson

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Death Sin  

Cursed with a demon eye, Connor, is pulled to locations of sin. There he loses himself and it usually results in the death of the offenders. If this were his only trouble it might be fine, but he also has to witness their suffering while these sinners are in Hell and still go high school.
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Virgin Wolf 

Virgin was the lone surviver when her village was destroyed in the New World. Thanks to Hania, a Native American chief. The Wolfen who caused this destruction doesn't know he may have left the keys to his undoing in there. Grown and ready for revenge Virgin heads to France, to find the Father of all Wolfen.


For as long as she can remember Leana has had nightmares of an alien planet, but these last few months they have gotten worse. Much worse. Desperate, her mom is making her go to the one place she hasn’t been for 13 years: her estranged father’s house.


For some DungeonWorld is a game, for others, it’s a prison. Thanks to David’s meddling with things, Cassandra is finally beginning to understand. However, with knowledge comes danger. Johnny Brighton, a new tech support agent in the game, is trying to make sense of it all and prevent systemwide disaster.


War veteran and shut-in Lance Brighton is still learning to cope with being a brain in a robot body while playing the MMORPG DungeonWorld. When Lance finds that his son, a celebrity player in the game, dies under suspicious circumstances, he forces himself into the world to find out what really happened.

 The Next Reaper

What happens when a God runs away and the Devil closes its doors? What happens, when Death is too old to go on with his work, and Life itself has gone mad? What happens... When the seven deadly sins break free and take hold of our world...? The Next Reaper takes you on a dark fantasy/horror adventure.

Densetsu No Mangaka

Densetsu no Mangaka

Every young artist dreams of becoming great. Meet Aren Alex – a college student that has trouble believing his talent will bring him success. School, work, and self-doubt are his primary challenges until he comes in contact with a mysterious relic being sought after by dark forces.

 Deck of Fates

When you are chosen by the fates to become an Arcana you will find yourself thrust into a world ruled by magic and strength. Arcana can harness the will of the Tarot Spirit that chose them to change the world for better or worse….

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