About Phoenix Dreams Publishing

The story of Phoenix Dreams Publishing, LLC. isn’t about us. It is about the creators who work with us and the fans who enjoy their work. The ideas that brought PDP into existence where to allow indie creators a chance to produce their works and start to make money from them as quickly as they can. Towards that end, PDP handles the more time-consuming aspect of the creative process where we find fans to connect with, sell products across the world, and handle the more mundane challenges of comic book creation. It is our goal to give creator’s a chance to continue to create.

To that end we have a process in place:

1) It starts with releasing stories digitally so that fans can find these new stories.

2) While releasing these stories digitally, we will be producing merchandise and prints that can be sold right away for

3) After a story is completed, this doesn’t mean digitally, but all the pages are finished. We move to Kickstarter as a means to pre-order the printed edition. Our end goal is always to get to the printed edition.

4) While all this is going on with digital works and merchandise, we will be attending conventions as well as have creators we work with attend conventions. At these shows, you will be able to buy PDP merchandise and support your favorite creators.

5) While our staff is touring or creators are out and about, they will be stopping to talk with comic retailers about getting our products into their stores. To this end, we are offering a 50% off cover price and 100% buyback guarantee for our books.

6) Then as the final step in our plans, we then get our books into major book retailers and libraries.

7) Not much to it, but a lot of hard work from everyone involved. If you think it is something that might interest, you please take the time to wander around the website.

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