Death Sin

By Troche and Lee

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By Gorfain and Maclean



By Alverne Ball

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Death Sin  #01.1

Death Sin follows Connor, a teen who must live with a terrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to scenes of immense cruelty and violence what we call Sins. One there a darker personality takes over his mind and he murders the sinners and rips their souls from their bodies sending it straight to Hell. Forced to watch the punishment and torment the sinners endure his mind begins to break. Why does he have this horrible power to send others to Hell and what is he? Human? Demon, or something else entirely?
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Virgin Wolf #01

The story begins! Virgin has tracked her prey to the small town of Le’Saint, France, but hunting Wolfen may not be her only problem. 

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For as long as she can remember Leana has had nightmares of an alien planet, but these last few months they have gotten worse. Much worse. Desperate, her mom is making her go to the one place she hasn’t been for 13 years: her estranged father’s house.


For some DungeonWorld is a game, for others, it’s a prison. Thanks to David’s meddling with things, Cassandra is finally beginning to understand. However, with knowledge comes danger. Johnny Brighton, a new tech support agent in the game, is trying to make sense of it all and prevent systemwide disaster.

Meatspace #01

War veteran and shut-in Lance Brighton is still learning to cope with being a brain in a robot body while playing the MMORPG DungeonWorld. When Lance finds that his son, a celebrity player in the game, dies under suspicious circumstances, he forces himself into the world to find out what really happened.

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