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Using the Becomics Digital Viewer

Greetings All, There have been some questions about how to use the Becomics digital viewer. We were worried there might be a bit of learning curve with the application, but the great people at Becomics have put together a video on how to use the viewer to get the most...

Death Sin is Coming to Kickstarter!

To coincide with the official soft launching of Death Sin on the PDP site we are also announcing that we will be running a Kickstarter campaign starting on April 18, 2017.  The campaign will run for one month and allow readers to a chance to get the first volume of...

Building a Street Team

How many of you would be interested in attending your local conventions for free? Getting early access to new comics before anyone else can see them? Plus, other unique PDP swag and goodies? And finally, the chance for special prizes? Now is your chance. We are...

The Trouble with IC Geeks

It has been brought up in the by a couple of creators I am currently working with about my past actions with my printing company IC Geeks Publishing. I am wanting to post this here just so everyone can also get my side as well. I even I feel like they are excuses, but...

PDP the Process

There seems to have been some confusion, and we wish to be as transparent as possible. What we are doing is new. The closest thing I can say to what we are doing is Image Comics. In that, they do not pay to have the stories created, but pay from the sales of these...



The PDP Team will be here along with creators: Jordan Pinckney, Will Lenzen, Jr., Alverne Ball, Josh Gorfain, and Aaron Gillespie this is our launch weekend and we will be around to talk about our stories and answer questions.

April 21-23, 2017

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