A World-Class Team of Creators

Just what is it that Phoenix Dreams Publishing is looking for from creators?

First, PdP is seeking to work with individuals who are passionate about comics, both their own and others’. We want those who are willing to work to expand the audience for all of the creators who publish under our umbrella. We are building a team to support one another and be there to help when needed. We want great stories and art, yes, but it is just as important that we find people who can work with us as a team. To that end, all creators we work with will be selected based on their work, recommendations from other members of PdP and an interview process to make sure we are each going to be a good fit for one another.

Is Phoenix Dreams Publishing looking for any single type of story idea?

PdP is an indie comic publisher, and as such, we are open to all kinds of stories. We do, however, ask that they are laid out in a standard print comic setup. While we do plan to release our stories as webcomics, our end goal will be creating graphic novels from these files.

Is Phoenix Dreams Publishing willing to put out completed or previously printed creator-owned material?

YES. Here is how this works for us. If you have a story that has seen limited release in print or digital, we are willing to take a look and see if there is something we can work with to help increase audience and interest. What does this mean for all the books you have printed already? You keep all the proceeds from those sales. They are yours. We will be looking to do a new edition of any books we put out, with new ISBN numbers and extras added into the book.

So just what do you need to send in to be considered for publication?

  1. A cover letter to let us know about you and the team you are working.
  2. A one-page summary of your story.
  3. Two scenes of the story completed, PDF or jpeg preferred. Due to the varying needs of comic stories, we do not impose an exact page count on submissions. We are looking for how both the art and words tell the story. This process where sequential art is important. Show us you know what to do.
    1. The art team that is used for the submission should be the one to be utilized for at least the first 90 pages of your story.
  4. The script for all submitted scenes so that we can see how the art team translates the writer’s vision to reality.
  5. At least one page of your submission at Print Resolution so that we can see how your work is set up with printing in mind.
  6. At this time our creator’s will maintain all rights to the works that are submitted. Phoenix Dreams Publishing, LLC. will have NO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS towards your submitted stories or artwork. You can rest assured that any stories submitted are still your own.
    1. In the future, we do hope to be able to offer a page rate and develop stories which we share rights with the creator’s, and at such time this submission policy will be changed and updated.

We are not interested in getting physical copies from you. They will most likely just get lost. Save us all the trouble and send digital files.

Interested in Collaborating?

We love connecting with creators and talking about the potential of working together. If you have any questions or want to see if working together is a good fit, drop us a line!

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